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Jarnac breeches

Jarnac breeches

The style of the Jarnac breeches is inspired by equivalents of the early 20th century. But they are more than just good looks, they are also practical. The wide shape offer you enough room to fit padding and knee protectors.

Virtus bracelets

Virtus bracelets

Inspired by the past. Made for today. The Virtus bracelets are a lovely daily reminder about the cardinal virtues, passed down from antiquity and integral to the ideas of chivalry during the Knightly periods. The bracelet come in pairs of two – one with black lava stones and the four virtues, the other with tiger eye stones and a St Mark logo bead. These bracelets fit most male wrists and come on an elastic strap.

Novati jacket

Novati jacket

Get serious about both style and fencing with this flexible and highly breathable 350N jacket. It gives you a full range of motion and comes with removable padding for full-contact sparring.


Ok, this jacket is just phenomenal. It’s so light and easy to move in that fencing feels like a whole new thing. Absolutely amazing. Thanks guys!


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The Novati 350N jacket gives you a full range of motion and comes with removable padding for full-contact sparring. The jacket has an inner mesh for breathability and a liner that has been penetration tested for 350 Newton. The back does not have a thrust protective layer in order to improve airflow, vastly improving heat dissipation. The outer layer is made from cotton fabric and inside the front, there's a nice red liner which is revealed as you open the jacket. The padding is located on the shoulders, front and sides of the body, as well as the nape of the neck.

The Novati design is inspired by Italian Renaissance jacket designs and is named after Francesco Novati. Novati was a prominent Italian historian and philologist who wrote about, reprinted and edited some of the manuscript editions of the 15th-century fencing treatises Fior di Battaglia, by Fiore dei Liberi.

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