Virtus bracelets

Inspired by the past. Made for today. The Virtus bracelets are a lovely daily reminder about the cardinal virtues, passed down from antiquity and integral to the ideas of chivalry during the Knightly periods. The bracelet come in pairs of two – one with black lava stones and the four virtues, the other with tiger eye stones and a St Mark logo bead. These bracelets fit most male wrists and come on an elastic strap.


A pleasing everyday reminder on how to be a bigger person. Nice looking, goes for both casual and dressed up situations.

Hans B

The Cardinal Virtues—Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance—are timeless ethical principles rooted in classical philosophy and later embraced by the Christian tradition. The term "cardinal" stems from the Latin word 'cardo,' meaning hinge, that all other virtues pivot on these four virtues. Throughout history, these virtues have served as guiding lights, offering insights on how to lead a meaningful life and be a pillar of your society. The cardinal virtues have withstood the test of time and with this bracelet you can carry them with you, as a reminder in your daily life.

“Thus it behooves a knight to be well-stocked with good habits and manners. Every knight ought to know the seven virtues which are the source and root of all good habits and are the path to everlasting heavenly glory. Of these seven virtues, three are called ”theological” or ”divine” while the remaining four are ”cardinal.” The ”theological” ones are faith, hope and charity. The ”cardinal” ones are justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude.”

Raymond Lull (1232–1315),  The Book of the Order of Chivalry.

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