Gesell bag

The Gesell is a beautifully handcrafted bag made from genuine high-quality cow leather. It is guaranteed to make a trusted companion, regardless if you are travelling for fencing or just want to look great on your vacation trip.


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A fantastic bag that carries all that I need when going to training. The double zipper opening is a nice touch that makes it easy to access the gear.


The Gesell is designed to convey the spirit of travel. This openness to the world has its roots in the travelling medieval journeymen and swords masters. The bag has a casual elegance and comfort enhanced by smart functionality, such as holders on the outside to hang your sword.

Thanks to its generous size the Gesell will fit most of your everyday training gear and can double as a weekend bag. It features several pockets both on the inside and outside and comes with a separate shoe compartment. The liner is water-resistant and easily cleaned. This bag is guaranteed to make a trusted travel companion, regardless if you are going to a fencing event or just want to look great on your vacation trip.

The name comes from the German word for Journeyman. In the medieval guilds, journeymen were often required to go on a long journey to practise their crafts and learn new things. They were not even allowed within a certain distance of their home town for up to several years. Likewise, many of the old fencing masters travelled to learn the fencing arts in their youth.

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