Koning – Nobilis Edition

Note! Pre-order only!

The Koning glove is a reimagined fencing glove with a classical look. It embodies the arts we are reviving and is made to offer your hands the best possible protection. Make sure you get a pair of the limited first batch!


These new Koning gloves are remarkable! 100% the best gloves on the market. Exceptional protection and they have better dexterity than any other glove I’ve tried.

Note! Pre-order only! We cannot give a specific date for when these gloves will be shipped at this point, but the goal is to fulfil all orders late summer of 2024. Exact design and delivery date are subject to change. Make sure you get a pair of this limited first batch of Koning gloves!

The Koning glove is a reimagined fencing glove with a classical look, which embodies the arts we are reviving. It is made with care to detail, and from the best materials available. The top is made from Dyneema and the palm is made from high-quality leather. Inside, there's a layer of hard plastics covering fingers, back of hand and knuckles. The glove is nimble and flexible out of the box, light and has a slim profile.

Inside the Koning there is a thick hard shell cover that takes the brunt of the force of the blows. Underneath that, we have a special lamination of soft padding materials for the best energy absorption possible.

The Koning is suitable for heavy drilling, competing and sparring with such weapons as longsword, backsword, single sword, and sabre.

The name of the glove, The Koning, comes from the Franco-Belgian fencing guilds. Whoever won the guild tournament was named King, or Koning, and earned special privileges for a year.

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